Team Member Spotlight–Our Artist, Mykey!

She’s Behind the Scenes…  But Making Great Scenes!, Lassen's, Lassens, Natural+Foods+Market, favorites

Let the Artist Work!

Mykey has worked at Lassen’s for nearly five years, but she has really made her own path here!  She started as a cashier in our Thousand Oaks store, but her goal was to work in the Supplements Department, which she was able to do after just a few months.  She said Jamie in the Thousand Oaks store is the “Best Teacher Ever!”  Mykey loved being a Supplement consultant, and she put her own twist on the department…., Lassen's, Lassens, Natural+Foods+Market, favorites

With her Artwork!

Whenever there was a need for a display to be spruced up, Mykey stepped in with her creativity and artistic talent.  
She even won a contest with this display!, Lassen's, Lassens, Natural+Foods+Market, favorites

All of this extra creativity didn’t go unnoticed.  Soon the Owner and Regional Manager saw Mykey’s work, and asked her to design a reusable bag for the stores.  This was what she likes to call her “initiation!”

It. Was. Fantastic., Lassen's, Lassens, Natural+Foods+Market, favorites
Mykey came up with a design that we all love!  Even the sides of the bags are creative and beautiful!, Lassen's, Lassens, Natural+Foods+Market, favorites
You can buy these reusable bags in all of our stores! 

Funny.  Kind.  In Love.

When I asked Mykey to tell me three quick things about herself, she said first that she likes to make people laugh.  She and her friends love to act in and make funny YouTube videos.  She loves to be a ham in front of the camera!  Her wish for the world is that everyone would be kind and respectful.  And  (drum roll, please!) …. she is getting married in less than 100 days (She knows exactly how many days.  You’ll have to ask her what the countdown is now!)
And this is how her fiancee proposed…, Lassen's, Lassens, Lassen's+artist
Oh look, her foot is popping!

  Can I get an “Awwwwwww…..?”

In the Beginning

Mykey started out in Pasadena, and then her family moved to Thousand Oaks when she was in second grade.  Her mom would sneak health foods into their meals, and so she grew up with an interest in eating in a more healthy way.  She was always a little artist–before she could write she would draw pictures and make up stories that her dad would write down for her.  She always took art classes in school, as well as music and film editing.  She said, “Anything that I can get my hands on I like to take a whack at it!”
Mykey loves to create and develop characters.  You may have seen some of her creations around!  Here are two of them on our Kid’s Day Ad–Pink Lady and Broccoli Boy:, Lassen's, Lassens, Lassen's+artist

She also has come up with some villains to draw attention to the need for healthier eating.  Here’s the Mystery Fried Nugget that was part of the Mega Food Display., Lassen's, Lassens, Lassen's+artist, Mega+Food

And who could ever miss ZenPeach?  Isn’t she great?  (And you ought to try one of these smoothies from our Deli–delish!), Lassen's, Lassens, Lassen's+artist, peach+smoothie

She’s Got Some Favs!

Mykey said there are many things she loves about her job at Lassen’s.  She loves the people she works with.  She loves being able to create and see her creations developed.  She loves being a part of the team that has philosophical discussions about the business and the business direction.

And Here are Some of Her Favorite Products

Mykey has a lot of favorites!  Some of them I hadn’t had before, but immediately picked up and gave them a try!

Artisana Coconut Butter, Lassen's, Lassens, coconut+butter


Mykey spreads this on toast with cinnamon for a quick and delicious breakfast.  I had never tried this, and found it wonderful!
, Lassen's, Lassens, triple+fiber

Renew Life Triple Fiber

Mykey adds this fiber to smoothies, yogurt, or applesauce.
, Lassen's, Lassens, wild+poppy+drinks

Wild Poppy Drinks

Mykey’s favorite is the Peppermint Lemonade.  These drinks are found in the refrigerator case. I tried the Grapefruit Ginger, which was also wonderful!
, Lassen's, Lassens, raw+kale+salad, kale+salad

Lassen’s Deli Raw Kale Salad

Mykey will often order this salad when she comes out of the office for lunch.  It is a very popular salad from our Deli!
, Lassen's, Lassens, majestic+garlic

 Majestic Garlic Spread

This is an amazing Non-GMO, Raw, and Vegan spread that is fantastic on bread or vegetables or crackers.  We usually have some of this spread at my house, too!
So next time you see some fantastic artwork at Lassen’s, you’ll know to thank Mykey!  So…

Lettuce Celebrate!, Lassen's, Lassens, Lassen's+artist
Enjoy the artwork!  (And aren’t we grateful for the amazing talent of our artists?  I sure am!)

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