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Meet Jay!, Lassen's, Lassens, Bakersfield+Manager+Spotlight
Now here’s a friendly face!  This is Jay, the Manager of our Bakersfield store.
Jay has worked for Lassen’s for 15 years.  He started in Thousand Oaks, and eight years ago became the manager in Bakersfield.  He happily “lives the lifestyle,” which means that he not only really believes in natural foods and healthy living, he lives it.  He also has a wonderful life philosophy of, “It’s okay.”  Jay will make the best of any situation and will help to work things out for others.
Jay said that the favorite part of his job is the interaction he has with the public, especially as he gets to help to educate people about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.   He likes to discuss ideas and to exchange ideas and knowledge.  He said that “this isn’t a frivolous atmosphere as a job–everyone can contribute to the community in a positive way.”
George Harrison is Jay’s hero because he used to media and his influence as a celebrity to educate people to the power of inner love and peace.  He was gentle and believed in self-harmony., Lassen's, Lassens, Bakersfield+Manager+Spotlight, Bionaturae+tomatoes

When I asked Jay about some of his favorite products he immediately said the Bionature Organic Strained Tomatoes from Italy.  He says that they are the beginning of many great meals at his house!  He says it’s a really clean product (organic, and no chemicals or preservatives) and is very versatile., Lassen's, Lassens, Bakersfield+Manager+Spotlight, Beehive+Cheese, Barely+Buzzed

Jay also loves the Barely Buzzed Beehive Welsh Cheddar Cheese.  It is covered with a coffee and lavendar rind.  Jay likes it on crackers.  Sounds delicious!

He loves to stir the Sun Warrior Ormus Super Greens into juice, too.  It’s a convenient way to get those nutrient-packed greens each day!
If Jay could wish for anything, he would like to eliminate violence from our society, as well as the casual attitude that we often see about it.  Wouldn’t that make our world a better place?, Lassen's, Lassens, Bakersfield+Manager+Spotlight, Lassen's+Bakersfield, Lassens+Bakersfield


So stop into our Bakersfield store and ask Jay for other recommendations!  He is happy to help!

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  1. michelle wahlberg

    Hi Jay,
    I am not sure if you have been contacted yet but I wanted to Congratulate you……
    Lassens has made the top 3 for
    Health Food Store​
    for Best of Kern.
    The winner “Best of” and the two favorites will be revealed in our May Issue of Bakersfield Life Magazine. It comes out on April 30. Don’t miss this opportunity to thank Kern County residents for their votes by advertising in this highly anticipated issue of Bakersfield Life “Best of Kern 2016”
    Drop-dead Deadline Wed. April 6
    Pub date: Sat. April 30th
    Congrats Again!
    395-7503 O
    281-770-8481 C text available

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