Knitting – Not just for Granny!

Lassens Knitting Night

Everyone has their own way to escape; running, swimming, cooking, dancing, painting, etc. Something that you let your body do while your mind wanders off into an endless world of dreams, thoughts and considerations. My escape: knitting.
I was so reluctant to learn how to knit when I was a wee one. I’d imagine myself sitting in a creaking rocking chair with a baggy shawl hanging loosely around my neck, my salt and pepper hair tied into a tight bun on top of my head. I love my Grandma very much, but I wasn’t ready to BE her! 
20 years later and I’ve come to embrace my
destiny to become my grandma
-minus the gray hair and rocking chair 


I learned how to knit in my senior year of High School when I saw my buddy Mary knitting a beanie in class. It was an adorable mustard yellow that spiraled around to resemble a beehive. It even had a knitted flower on the side with a tiny knit bee resting on a pink petal. In that moment my previous notions of knitting went out the window! Knitting is also for the young!
My first attempted project was a simple scarf … however it ended up looking like a brown lumpy caterpillar with the width increasing and deceasing like uneven body segments of an insect.
As the years passed I picked up tips and techniques here and there and eventually added crocheting to my yarn-craft repertoire.

For me knitting has become the ultimate way to unwind. I can listen to music or watch a movie while my hands work simultaneously, almost as separate organisms from the rest of my body, while my brain takes a vacation. Consequently I always end up with a cute scarf, beanie, hat or other knitted works when I’m done… so win/win!



Although I am by no means an expert (I consider my skill level intermediate) the satisfaction of wearing something you created with your own 2 hands is undeniable!

The Quest for Environmentally Friendly Knitting Tools

Recently I’ve been able to introduce my passion for knitting to Lassens as a perfect addition in our constant goal of supporting the natural, sustainable, eco-conscious lifestyle. It makes sense! Putting your own hard work and love into handmade projects where you know the yarn and needles are sourced responsibly. Working with our Regional Lifestyles Gift Buyer (and lady knitter), we found some beautiful organic cotton yarn from Peru. Ecobutterfly Organics fairly trades with Peruvian artisans and uses plants, roots, fruits and veggies native to Peru to naturally dye the yarn. The end result is beautiful, vivid and incredibly soft organic home spun yarn.


We also found a wonderful company called Laurel Hill which partners with a Vietnamese cooperative to hand-create beautiful knitting needles and crochet hooks made from exotic wood. The wood is sourced and reused from musical instrument and furniture factories that would otherwise throw out these unused pieces of wood. After years of getting the cheap synthetic yarn and plastic knitting needles from the big craft stores, once I tried these high quality knitting tools, I knew where I stood. No one will be receiving itchy, scratchy knitted gifts from me ever again!



wooden+knitting+needles, organic+cotton+yarn
We carry regular straight needles as well as 4 sides knitting needles. These are especially good and easier to hold for children, beginners or people with arthritis.  

Knitting Night at Lassens in Ventura

Our marketing director helps model a cable knit hat I made this winter

We have the paint, we have the brushes – let’s make some beautiful art! I knew I couldn’t be alone in my community! There’s GOT to be some fellow Yarn-o’s out there like me! As a company that values our neighbors, our community and the individuals artistic and creative outlets, Lassens decided to open up a platform for knitters and crocheters – beginners and advanced level- to come together, learn together and share their love for knitting and creativity!, knitting

When: 6pm -8pm on the 1st & 3rd Tuesday of every month

Where: Lassens Deli Seating Area in Ventura

4071 E. Main Street, Ventura, CA 93003

(805) 644-6990

I’m always there to help teach anyone who wants to learn! So far we’ve had about 4 meetings – the club is still very small – but I’m determined that there has got to be more creative and crafty members in the Ventura County community who knit or would like to learn! Bring your needles & yarn (or come and check out our selection) and come and join the Yarn-Party (also a tea-party. I always bring complementary tea)! Stop by and maybe learn something new! We hope to see you there! 



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