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Blast From the Past

Forty-One Years ago in History… Body Ecology

Look what I found!  (Sorry the picture is a little blurry, but you know old newspapers!)

This article appeared in the Camarillo paper in 1972.  Oda Lassen (on the right), and her one and only employee Jeannie Green, in the first Lassen’s Health Food Store.
Oda+Lassen, Body+Ecology

ecol-o-gy: noun

A branch of science concerned with the interrelationship of organism and their environments.

It’s no surprise that Lassen’s  has been concerned about how our bodies work within themselves and within their environment for over forty years.  Healthy, natural nutrition and supplementation have always been some of the foundation stones of the Lassen philosophy.  Oda Lassen also believed in helpful and attentive customer service and a clean and visually appealing store environment.  These are parts of her legacy that we strive to continue every day at all of the Lassen’s stores.
Come into Lassen’s to help improve your body ecology!

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