Team Member Spotlight in Thousand Oaks

 Welcome to the Thousand Oaks Lassen’s!
Today I’d like to introduce you to one of our team members:
Our Thousand Oaks Manager


Brian has worked at Lassen’s for more than nine years!  He even knows the date that he started–October 7!
Brian was born and raised in Ventura, and he love this area.  He says he’s traveled to and enjoyed a lots of places, but he can’t see himself living anywhere else.
Brian loves picnics.  Get some crusty bread, some amazing cheese, go to the beach and you’ve made Brian happy.  He also really likes to throw dinner parties and cook amazing dishes to entertain his friends.  Brian has found that he uses so much that he’s learned while working at Lassen’s when he cooks and entertains.  He especially loves to use our beautiful organic produce. 
Thousand+Oaks, Organic+Produce


When I asked Brian for some of his favorite products, he immediately mentioned these beautiful Organic Gold Grapefruit.  They are so delicious right now, and are on sale for 99 cents per pound.
Thousand+Oaks, Organic+Produce
We get these gorgeous organic grapefruit from a farm near Bakersfield–yum!  We also get amazing TDE Mandarins from them, which are just coming into their season.  
Watch for them!
Brian’s hero is his dad, who is a military man–he has been deployed in Afganistan.  Brian called him a rock in his life.  Of course, Brian admitted that he had to grow up a little to appreciate his dad, but now he considers him his hero.
Brian’s two favorite things about working at Lassen’s are customer service and produce. It’s like the two sides of his personality–the physical and artistic side that is put to work when he works on the produce, and the intellectual and emotional side that is called upon when he is helping customers.  
He really loves to help people–he said it’s easily the highlight of his job!  
Thousand+Oaks, Holy+Basil
Brian is holding two more of his favorite products–Cambozola Cheese, and Holy Basil.
Cambozola Cheese is a double cream blue cheese.  Brian says that he serves it regularly when he entertains.  His favorite way to serve it is stuffed inside fresh figs!  It’s also great with apples or pears or dried figs, if fresh are not available.
Holy Basil is a great supplement for calming and centering and stress reducing.  Brian is holding a bottle of capsules, but if you prefer, Holy Basil is also available as the main ingredient in several herbal tea blends.
Thousand+Oaks, Organic+India,


When I asked Brian what he would change about the world, he said he would wish for equality.  
He said, “Then peace would come.”  
Thanks, Brian!
Stop into the Thousand Oaks Lassen’s, and ask Brian for some other great recommmendations!

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