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The quest for the best organic beauty care / Q&A with Greg Starkman, Founder and CEO of Innersense Organic Beauty

Organic Beauty Care
Does it ever feel like once you’ve established that you’re smack-dab in the middle of a dreaded Bad-Hair-Day that pretty much any activity that you’ve planned for the rest of the day is more or less doomed?
Of course this can’t possibly be true; the smoothness, glossiness and comply-ability of one’s mane in no way has any physical or metaphysical force on the sequential moments on a person’s life. Impossible as it may be, many of us put a lot of emphasis on our do’s.
One of the larger obstacles in the quest for the perfect coif is the idea of keeping it all natural and organic. Considering the amount of chemical agents that eerily slither into your system through your scalp and pores, all-natural beauty and cosmetic products seem like a no-brainer. Making the switch, however, can sometimes be a little more cumbersome than you’re ready for at the moment. That’s not to say that natural products don’t work as well, because that’s simply not true. Think of it as figuring out what tastes you like. I may swear up and down that ginger is one of the best tastes in the world but when my friend takes a sip of my ginger-mate she practically spits it in my face. Does that mean I’m wrong? No way! Ginger rules! Her taste buds just reject it with a fiery fervor (besides, she’ll learn to love it someday. Mark my words!). The same goes for cosmetic items. Like your taste buds, your hair and skin are just more indicators of what your body likes and needs (although spitting out a vile tasting beverage is hardly as fun as developing a rash).

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Think about a time when you had to choose between the commercial shampoo options; normal, dry or oily. Do you really think you’re dry hair is the same as every other person with dry hair? You can try to jump from brand to brand, but those long and menacing words printed on the back of the packaging show up on every single bottle. Your best bet is to look for formulas where you can identify (and hopefully pronounce) the ingredients. Ingredients like shea butter, orange flower oil, wheatgrass, and roobios. I know that all of the words mean and what’s more, I can visualize them. It’s taking the time to experiment, much like you would with food, to find out what your body naturally craves. But where to start? Where indeed!


Our Lassens Marketing Director, Erin,  has beautiful hair. I’m very serious.  I turn into a sophomoric, jealous little girl when she unfurls her luscious locks (this probably stemming from years of repressed bad hair day anxiety). Finally, after months of biting my tongue and pulling on my flat, wimpy strands, I asked for her secret.
Erin told me about Innersense Organic Beauty products. Innersense is a Certified Green Company and a Compact Signor of both Safe Cosmetics and Truth in Labeling Acts. They use certified organic and biodynamic oils, extracts and essences to keep hair nourished and hydrated. Erin raved on about their shampoos and conditioners; how they lather, how they smell and keep her hair soft and tangle free. Just when I thought that I had found her out, she let me in on her REAL secret weapon; Sweet Spirit: Innersence’s leave-in conditioner formula that adds body and manageability to just-washed hair without leaving it greasy or oily (that’s a huge one!). Erin uses is liberally. The girl basically head-bangs into a misty cloud of orange blossom and honey elixir. The smell is so delicious that sometimes she just sprays it to bask in the scent. True story!

hair+care, Innersense+Organic+Beauty 

Erin was good enough to get me in contact with the founder and CEO of Innersense Organic Beauty, Greg Starkman, for a little round of Q&A;

  Lassens Loves: What made you want to create an organic hair care line? 
Greg Starkman: Joanne (my wife) and I have spent our careers in the beauty industry creating products. We were amazed at the number of brands that laid claim to being natural or organic yet those vary products contained synthetic and petrochemical compounds. As marketers we realized the emerging organic trends and the growing consumers demand for pure safe cosmetics, so we left the big jobs and made a commitment to creating products crafted from a rich combination of carefully selected Certified Organic and Biodynamic plant extracts, free of all synthetic & petrochemical compounds. Behold Innersense Organic Beauty was born!

LL: How did you choose the ingredients for your formulas? 
GS: We spent 3 years researching ingredients. We needed ingredients that would provide a performance contribution to the formulas. All ingredients are known for they’re nourishing, hydrating, anti-oxidant and anti-aging benefits to restore the natural balance to your skin and hair

What is your favorite product in the line? 
GS: That is a hard question, Harmonic Healing Oil, because of the healing benefits to the scalp, skin and hair. Quiet Calm Curl Control, because it makes my daughters curly hair beautiful. And lets not forget Sweet Spirit Leave in. OK all of our products are my favorite.

Personally my hair is more on the oily side but is also very thin. What would you recommend? 
GS: Pure Harmony Hairbath and Pure Inspiration Daily conditioner. Pure Harmony is gentle enough not to pull all the natural oils from your scalp but create a balance. Daily conditioner at the ends for hydration. Because innersense is free of synthetic resins, or plasticizers there will be no build up on the hair.

Are there any new items in the works that you can mention?
GS: We are working on body and skin care for the future and hope to add some new styling products in the fall.  
Let us know what you think about this line in our comments or on our Facebook or Twitter page

Here’s wishing you a successful jump into the world of organic beauty care!

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