Team Member Spotlight–Megan!

She’s One of Our Great Team Members!   Megan is our Regional Lifestyles and Gift Buyer. She especially watches out for unique and exciting gift items.  She is also the model for our Beads of Hope necklaces!     Megan grew up in Northern California and got a degree in Geography with an emphasis in […]

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Earth-Friendly Household Hints for this Thursday

Working out is Great! But working out causes some problems, too.  Here’s one that was giving me fits.   Smelly workout clothes!   Even after a hot-water wash with our great Biokleen or Seventh Generation laundry liquids, the workout clothes came out of the dryer still smelling sweaty.  Ugh.     There were commercially available

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Another company "does the right thing"

Just a TOUCH of sarcasm, here… Remember when I told you about Electro-Mix?  One of my objections to most popular sports drinks is that they contain many artificial coloring, flavorings, and chemicals. Well, now I have good reason to have been wary of those chemicals.  A recent LA Times story reveals that one popular brand (in fact,

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