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Finding New Products at Expo East!

We’re on the Hunt for Great New Products!

September has brought us to Baltimore for the Natural Products Expo East Trade Show. We love attending seminars and meeting producers — it’s exciting to see the creativity and great new products!  Here are some of the fun and delicious things we’ve see at this show!

Natural+products+Expo+East+2018, 2018+Expo+East, Natural+products+expo, expo+east, lassens+natural+foods+store

I love DEET-free repellents!

lassens+natural+foods, 2018+Natural+products+expo+east, Expo+East, 2018+Expo+East

There are a lot of great new entrants in the drink category — this watermelon was delicious!

lassens+natural+foods, 2018+Natural+products+expo+east, Expo+East, 2018+Expo+East

Tasty new dressings!

lassens+natural+foods, 2018+Natural+products+expo+east, Expo+East, 2018+Expo+East

This brand has new offerings — Yum!

lassens+natural+foods, 2018+Natural+products+expo+east, Expo+East, 2018+Expo+East

New offerings in the Chip Aisle

lassens+natural+foods, 2018+Natural+products+expo+east, Expo+East, 2018+Expo+East

Apple Cider Vinegar Drinks are a lot of fun — and healthy, too!

lassens+natural+foods, 2018+Natural+products+expo+east, Expo+East, 2018+Expo+East

This company had these biodegradable cloths — one towel replaces 15 rolls of paper towels. And they biodegrade in less than 3 months!

lassens+natural+foods, 2018+Natural+products+expo+east, Expo+East, 2018+Expo+East

Want an easy side dish? Craving Tater Tots? Try these Cauliflower bites. From Freezer to oven to table. We are definitely bringing these into Lassen’s!

lassens+natural+foods, 2018+Natural+products+expo+east, Expo+East, 2018+Expo+East

Grain-free offerings were abundant at Expo East, and this one was tasty, for sure.

lassens+natural+foods, 2018+Natural+products+expo+east, Expo+East, 2018+Expo+East

Hu Chocolates’ new products feature cashews, almonds, and dried fruit. Delicious.

lassens+natural+foods, 2018+Natural+products+expo+east, Expo+East, 2018+Expo+East

Dahlicious has new Cashew drinkable yogurt, and their almond yogurts are smooth and creamy.

lassens+natural+foods, 2018+Natural+products+expo+east, Expo+East, 2018+Expo+East

This French Yogurt was very tasty — I liked the Pressed Lemon in the ceramic container. The flavors were very subtile and the creamy texture was divine.

Watch for the new products coming up soon at a Lassen’s near you! I didn’t get a photo of Justin’s new Cashew Cup, but it should arrive soon in the stores. It is delicious!






Deodorant Detox!

Deodorant Detox!

Written by Denae

Have you wanted to take the plunge from conventional deodorants but every time you try you just stink yourself out? EO Products, a wonderful organic & natural company, has dedicated their 2017 to helping everyone willing to take the challenge! Not only have they provided enlightening information like, “…there can be a transition period (up to 30 days) where body odor can actually increase…? but they have even perfected the list of must-have’s as you begin your transition. 

EO Certified Organic Deodorant Spray
EO Natural Deodorant Wipes
EO Bubble Bath
EO Salt Soak
EO Ageless Moroccan Lava Clay

Those last three – the ones that have nothing to do with armpits, are to help you relax. Detoxing is stressful, especially if you don’t know how your experience will be. However, that added stress can create more body odor, which will turn in to a stinky cycle of stressing about body odor, creating more body odor, creating more stress. So pick up some bath salts and relax a little!

Committing to a detox might sound scary, but hey, at least it’s not a juice cleanse and you get to eat still! When you start your detox adventure, make sure you drink LOTS of water. And although you are eating, here are some foods to stay away from that can increase your body odor:

Cruciferous Vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, arugula, etc)
Junk Food
Red Meat
Spicy Food

Checkout EO’s amazing write-up about their 30 Day Challenge!

Below is your personal detox calendar that you can print off, post, and proudly mark off each day as you detox your body from phthalates and aluminum. 




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Let’s Give the Earth… and our families… some help

What Can I Do?

When I was in elementary school, we lived in the middle of a valley with, I am sure, millions of fruit trees in Washington.  Every Spring day, the farmers watched the weather reports and the frost warnings and the dew point forecasts for any hint of dipping temperatures.  Once the fruit trees started to bud, they were in danger of being frozen, and the entire crop could be lost. 

In the late 60s there were not many environmental regulations, and the orchardists put out their smudge pots (yes, that’s the correct name!) and on evenings–actually early mornings–when there was a threat of freezing temperatures they would burn any- and everything to keep those trees from freezing. 

I’m pretty sure that they even burned old tires, because we had a horrible residue to deal with every Spring in Yakima, Washington.  When we got to school after a night of burning smudge pots, we had to wipe the black soot off of every surface–desks, chairs, tables.  (And there was a bit of a disgusting thrill in blowing your nose after walking to school through the smudge!)

The air was thick with the soot and the smell. 

Thankfully, we now have environmental regulation and rules limiting such practices.  But our environment still has a lot of threats.  I recently came upon a grass-roots organization that is working to combat, one small step and one person at a time, the toxins and threats to a healthy environment.

They are called Women’s Voices for the Earth.  They are an organization that “works to eliminate toxic chemicals that harm women’s health by changing consumer behaviors, corporate practices and government policies” (from their website, found here.)

I love their approach.  In 1995, a group of women in Missoula, Montana, formed Women’s Voices for the Earth (WVE).  For the first ten years, they provided technical assistance to women fighting local polluting facilities.  Then they expanded to regional and national concerns.  Now they are working to eliminate toxic chemicals “that may be contributors to breast cancer, birth defects, asthma, infertility, learning disabilities, children’s cancers and other illnesses” (from the “History and Accomplishments” section of their website.)  In 2007, they prompted industries to establish a voluntary ingredient communication plan.  They’ve been able to persuade cosmetic companies to remove many of the toxic chemicals in beauty products.

So they lobby corporations to change formulations, label ingredients, and be more environmentally responsible. 

You can read about many of their governmental and corporate efforts here.  They were able to help persuade the makers of Tide detergent to reformulate their product to reduce the level on one of its chemicals, 1,4 dioxane,which is a carcinogen.  And they’ve worked to introduce bills in both state and federal legislature that will reduce and eliminate chemical usage.

They also encourage everybody to get involved by eliminating toxic chemicals from their homes.  They have a kit for throwing your own “Green Cleaning Party” to learn about the common chemicals in our cleaning products, and how to make your own.  You can find the kit here.

You can also host a Green Momma Party by downloading their party guide.

Women’s Voices for the Earth makes reducing and eventually eliminating toxic chemicals seem doable.  And it makes it fun, too!

It was just such grass-roots movements that have cleaned up the air in my old stomping grounds in the orchards of Washington.  People spoke up.  Pressure was applied to corporations and legislators. 

We can help clean up our environment, and our health, too.

Happily kicking-off-Earth-Day week!



Focus on Local–Highwood Eggs

Don’t they look like Easter?

Highwood+farms+eggs, highwood+Eggs

Lassen’s is so excited to feature a new local producer–we have just started carrying Highwood Farm’s beautiful blue and brown eggs in our Ventura and Thousand Oaks locations!

Highwood+Farms+Eggs, Highwood+Eggs

Last week we went to Somis to meet Devon and Patrick and tour their farm.  Despite my trepidation about being near chickens (my shins have scars from the vicious rooster pecks I got when I was a little girl!) I was ready to face my fears.  We learned so much about chickens and eggs, too!

Devon had 6 or 7 chickens when she was growning up in Santa Monica, and now she and Patrick have taken that childhood hobby into a budding business.  Patrick also grew up in the LA area, but visited relatives who farmed soybeans and corn in Minnesota and became interested in farming and in animals., Highwood+Farm+Eggs

The farm is 200 acres, and there are about 300 chickens, and growing.  They started about 2 years ago with a few chickens who roosted in their laundry room!, Highwood+Farm+Eggs
These have got to be the nicest coops I’ve ever seen!
Now the chickens roam around all day long and then gather to their coops each night to roost., Highwood+Farm+Eggs

Highwood Farms has three varieties of chickens–two lay brown eggs ( Rhode Island Reds and Australorps) and one that lays blue eggs (Araucanas).  They scratch around, free-range, on fields of hay and grass., Highwood+Farm+Eggs
Here is a Rhode Island Red–isn’t her color gorgeous?, Highwood+Farm+Eggs

Australorp Chicken–they are also sometimes white

Everything that the chickens eat is organic, and they are never confined in cages. Patrick moves the coops to a different part of the fields about once per month so that the chickens always have a good food source., Highwood+Farm+Eggs
Here is a Araucana chicken–she lays blue eggs
The chickens come into the coops to lay their eggs (although they do sometimes sneak into other places, like buckets or under bushes to lay, and Devon and Patrick have to go hunting!), Highwood+Farm+Eggs
These laying sections are on the sides of the coops, Highwood+Farm+Eggs


Most of the laying is done by about 4:00 each day, and Patrick and Devon gather all of the eggs, mark them with the date and then refrigerate them., Highwood+Farm+Eggs


They make sure the chickens have water and extra feed, and clean the coops so there is a nice clean place for the chickens to lay their eggs., Highwood+Farm+Eggs
A rooster watches over the brood
Highwood Farms has a few roosters and are starting to hatch some of their own chickens.  They also grow some hay, wheat, and barley to use for feed for their own animals and also to sell to their neighbors and some to the feed store.  And speaking of their own animals…, Highwood+Farm+Eggs
Here are some of the piglets that are at Highwood Farms.  They have had three litters of piglets in the last five months!
They also have a horse and two miniature donkeys, who were very friendly!, Highwood+Farm+Eggs
The donkeys coming over for a look at us!, Highwood+Farm+Eggs
Bethany, our Marketing Director enjoys petting the soft nuzzle of their horse!

We have noticed that these eggs are not only beautiful on the outside, but firm and full-colored on the inside (not that pale, drab yellow of commercially produced eggs), as well as delicious.  We have enjoyed them at home for about a week, and think you’ll love them too!, Highwood+Farm+Eggs
Thanks, Patrick and Devon!  We had a great time!
And I got over my anxiety about chickens!  (but I didn’t approach the rooster, either!)
highland+farms+eggs, focus+on+local, local+eggs, free+range+chickens, free+range+eggs
Look for Highwood Farms in our Ventura and Thousand Oaks locations!
herb+garden, diy+herb+garden, grapefruit+gardening, windowsill+garden

It’s Almost Spring! Time to Get Your Hands in the Dirt!

Nothing Like Getting Dirty! 

I love going into garden centers and seeing all of the little plants; It takes me back to when my mom and dad (with a lot of forced kid labor!) would plant a great big garden each spring.
And checking out all of the neatly lined-up packets of garden seeds–Oh!  The possibilities!  We would start the tomatoes from seed in egg cartons, and I loved checking to see if the little leaves were pressing their way through the soil.
So in honor of impending Spring, here is a fun idea to start your garden, kitchen herbs, or flowers.
Since we’ve been eating a lot of grapefruit lately (it is SO delicious!) we have plenty of grapefruit rinds.  You could also use orange or lemon rinds, too.  I pulled the membranes out of the rinds, but that isn’t necessary.
You’ll need some potting soil–or just some rich dirt–and some seeds.  Lassen’s has just stocked a large variety of organic garden seeds.
Fill the rind with some soil.  Doesn’t that feel good?
I decided to plant Sweet Basil, since I cook with it every week.
Sprinkle a few seeds over the soil, and then add 1/4 inch more of soil on the top.  Water lightly (it doesn’t take much in this little planter, 
and you don’t want the rind to get moldy!)
Place in a warm sunny place, and watch for the sprouts!
There’s nothing like using your own fresh herbs!
You can start tomatoes or peas or beans or other vegetables in the citris rinds, and when it is time to plant in your garden (or larger containers), you can just put the whole thing in the ground.  The rinds will decompose and enrich your garden soil!  You’ll be both gardening and composting!  Now, doesn’t that make you feel green?
Happy Gardening!
uses+of+chlorophyll, blood+builder, chlorophyll+energy

The Detoxifying, Deodorizing Miraculous Molecule that is Chlorophyll!

Goodness Greeness!


In 9th grade science we all learned about chlorophyll, the molecule found in plants and algae that gives them their green pigment and plays a key role in photosynthesis, the process which allows plants to absorb energy from sunlight. My knowledge of chlorophyll plateaued in high school and remained that way for years after graduating until I began my job here at Lassen’s. Since then the many benefits of chlorophyll as well as the easy and delicious ways to consume it have become apparent to me.



Energy & Oxygenation of Blood

Chlorophyll is believed to increase the oxygen in our blood. This makes chlorophyll very popular for our customers who are runners, hikers, athletes as well as climbers and travelers experiencing altitude sickness. 

Deodorize and Detoxify

Chlorophyll is also known as nature’s deodorizer for its ability to help detoxify the blood. When taken internally, chlorophyll is absorbed in the intestinal tract and flows into the blood steam. For aiding in reducing body odor, it is recommended to take in liquid form 1-2 times a day with a healthy diet limiting or excluding coffee, alcohol and sugar (which are huge players in offensive body orders). It is also good to accompany the use of chlorophyll with a natural gentle deodorant free of aluminum or other harsh chemicals.

Blood Builder

Chlorophyll is also used to help prevent the build up of destructive toxins and as an aid in building healthy blood. It is often used complimentary for those taking regular iron supplements for its blood building properties.

We have chlorophyll in both capsule and liquid form 

for a refreshing way to get internally green, try mixing:

  • 1 dropper of Herbs Etc. Chlorophyll Concentrate
  • 6oz of distilled mineral water (make it sparkling water for fun!) 
  • juice of half a organic lemon (squeezed) 
  • and 1 tablespoon of local raw honey or agave nectar.
For more information on the properties of chlorophyll, check out Herbs Etc, or come on in and speak with one of our knowledgeable supplement specialists!
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A little help for the bones and joints

(cue Queen) I like to ride my bicycle! I like to ride my bike!

Here I am with my biking buddies, Saucha and Catherine.  
Isn’t this a gorgeous place?  Can you guess where?
My buddies and I like to ride a couple of times each week.  But about two years ago I started to feel a little stiffness in my thumb.
I would especially notice the stiffness when I was braking hard–and I don’t think a thumb giving out at 30 mph down a steep hill is such a great idea!
So I started to do a little research about bone strength and joint stiffness.  I realized that I could use more Vitamin D.  (Especially since I am religious about sunscreen–I have that easily burned pale skin!)
I also asked some of the helpful supplement consultants at Lassen’s what they would recommend.
As a result, I added these two supplements to my regular routine.  
Vitamin D3–which aids in the absorption of Calcium–and Wobenzym N–read all the good stuff on the bottle!  I take Wobenzym N when I’m feeling stiff or I have inflammation.
One of the worst things about getting older is the fear of losing flexibility, mobility and bone strength.
Taking these supplements has helped!  I don’t have the stiff thumb I did so I have no fear of not being able to grip my brakes!
So if you see me happily screaming down hills in Ventura County, be assured that I will be able to brake with both strength and confidence!
lori's+original+lemonade, lavendar+lemonade, ojai+lemonade, focus+on+local, local+products

Focus on Local… Lori’s Original Lemonade and New Oak Ranch Lavender

Yes, there is a Lori!, Lori's+Original+Lavender+Lemonade
This is Lori, owner of Lori’s Original Lemonade.
It started with a lemon tree in the front yard 
and three kids who wanted to make some money.
So Lori made some lemonade and the kids set up a stand outside their home in Ojai to sell that lemonade.  
It was a big neighborhood hit! 

But then Lori had an idea…

…to spruce up that lemonade with some lavender., Lori's+Original+Lavender+Lemonade
She got some lavender from a local farmer, brewed some lavender tea, and infused her lemonade with that delicious lavender flavor.
Soon people–including her three children–
were encouraging Lori to bottle her lemonade.  

Mom… you can do it!

So a year ago Lori took a deep breath and jumped into the business., Lori's+Original+Lavender+Lemonade
Recently Bethany (Marketing Director), Mykey (Art Director and Graphics Designer) and I met Lori at New Oak Ranch in Ojai, where Lori gets the lavender for her delicious lemonade. She told us her story and shared her excitement for her wonderful product.
Lori started by selling her lemonade in several Ojai shops, but then decided to expand.  
She had a goal to put her three kids through college.
She visited our buyer, Josh, at the Ventura store and was thrilled when he wanted much more than she expected him to order., Lori's+Original+Lavender+Lemonade
Lori uses Organic lemons for her lemonade, as well as Pure Cane Sugar–

No high fructose corn syrup!

Lassen’s is proud to have helped Lori as she was launching her business!, Lori's+Original+Lavender+Lemonade 

New Oak Ranch

We also got to meet Bill, the owner of New Oak Ranch.  
Bill showed us the different kinds of lavender and taught us all about it.  
The culinary variety of lavendar is Provence, but Bill also grows the Grosso variety, 
which is used for oil., Lori's+Original+Lavender+Lemonade
It takes about 30 lbs of lavender buds (shown here) to make (through steam distilling) 
6 oz of oil!    
It is used in many kinds of bodycare products., Lori's+Original+Lavender+Lemonade
This beautiful variety, Buena Vista, holds its color and is often used for decorating and in other items that need the color retained., Lori's+Original+Lavender+Lemonade
Bill also showed us his greenhouse where he has propagated (by cuttings) a full crop of new lavender plants.  
The cuttings take about 8-10 weeks to be strong enough to be planted.  
Bill will soon plant a full field of these new plants., Lori's+Original+Lavender+Lemonade
Bill also grows Olives, Ojai Pixie Tangerines, and Walnuts at his ranch., Lori's+Original+Lavender+Lemonade
With her unique and delicious recipe, Lori is getting rave reviews for her lemonade.  
Mykey, Bethany and I decided that heating up the lemonade to soothe a sore throat just might make feeling a little under-the-weather not so terrible!, Lori's+Original+Lavender+Lemonade
Stop into Lassens and try LOL–Lori’s Original Lemonade!
Maybe her family motto will rub off on you too:
“Wish It, Dream It, Do It, and Anything is Possible!”
PS–and by the way, the drive through the Ojai Valley is spectacular!  Take Highway 150 through Ojai and beyond (keep following it and you’ll get to Santa Paula) for a beautiful drive!, Lori's+Original+Lavender+Lemonade
natural+hydration, vega+sport

Another company “does the right thing”

Just a TOUCH of sarcasm, here…

Remember when I told you about Electro-Mix?  One of my objections to most popular sports drinks is that they contain many artificial coloring, flavorings, and chemicals.

Well, now I have good reason to have been wary of those chemicals.  A recent LA Times story reveals that one popular brand (in fact, they practically invented the whole concept of a sports-drink!) has included brominated vegetable oil.  Doesn’t sound too bad, until you find out that brominated vegetable oil is a synthetic chemical that “has been patented in Europe as a flame retardant.”  Yuck!

Are you SERIOUS???

The chemical is banned in Japan and the European Union.  Studies on mice have shown “reproductive and behavioral problems” in animals that have consumed large doses of the chemical.  This chemical “could be building up in human tissues.”  This additive is used in other popular sports and soft drinks as well.

This chemical is an emulsifier to distribute the coloring in the drink.  The Times article announced that after an online petition with more than 200,000 signatures was sent to the producer of the sports drink, the company will no longer put this chemical in its product.

Now it is going to add another unpronouncable chemical as an emulsifier: sucrose acetate isobutyrate.  And how long will it be before this chemical is found to have negative side effects, too?


Avoiding chemicals has always been a goal of the Natural Foods movement.  It seems that we regularly get news that ingredients in commercial products are not as safe as the manufacturers have claimed.  

So instead of using those chemical-laden products, here are two more to try. 

Vega+Sport, Electrolyte+Hydrator

Vega Sport has a Electrolyte Hydrator that is similar to Alacer’s Electro-Mix.  It is dairy, gluten and soy free, replenishes electrolytes and minerals.

Vega Sport’s products are 100% plant based as well, with no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.  The packets are so convenient to tuck into a pocket or pack and easy to add to your water for instant electrolyte replacement!

And of course, for many years Lassen’s has carried Recharge, a natural hydration drink, made by the R.W. Knudsen Juice company.  All natural, Recharge is made without added sugar or artificial colors or flavors.

Recharge comes in 6 flavors, including Organic Lemon.


Lassen’s carries thousands of products that have no artificial colorings, flavorings, or additives.

Here’s to happy and healthy hydration!



electrolyte+powder, muscle+cramps

May I bring up a painful subject?

Sports Water Done Simple and Pure!

Ok, I’ll just say it.  My muscles cramp.  A lot.  Charlie Horses are not my friend, but they sure like me.  And exercise makes it much worse.  So I like to supplement my water with an electrolyte drink.  But have you tasted some of those?  All the sugar, all the sodium, the disgusting taste…  Not to mention the cost and all of those plastic bottles junking up the environment!  

So a few years ago I tried the Alacer brand (makers of Emergen-C — The must-have vitamin C powder!) Electro Mix.  I just tear open the little packages (one per liter of water) and pour the powder into my sports bottle–fill with ice and water, and voila!  Instant sports drink!  
Electro Mix has potassium, magnesium, Manganese, Calcium, and Chromium to help replace those minerals lost with exercise.  It’s not sickening sweet, or too sour either.  It has a really nice, fresh lemon-lime flavor.  I usually carry a couple of packets of Electro Mix in my saddle pack.  If I run out of water I can easily buy a bottle and add my Electro Mix!
Try some Alacer Electro Mix!  Your muscles with thank you.  

Happy cycling, running,  and hiking!




Cinco de Mayo / Organic Mango Salsa!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

You could assume that Mexican cuisine is one of my very favorite kinds of foods-
and you’d be right!
A menagerie of cheeses, sauces, fillings and spices to create flavor combinations that
both excite the taste-buds while simultaneously comforting the soul, what’s not to love?

Celebrating the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over French forces

in the Battle of Puebla on May 5th, 1862,
Cinco de Mayo has become a day for American’s of all ethnicities to celebrate Mexican culture.
For many it is a long awaited excuse to fire up the grill and serve up
some hot and savory Mexican dishes and dips.

With hopes that you yourself will be attending such an event of fiesta fare,
I might suggest that you don’t arrive empty handed.
For a quick, easy, fresh and organic side dish that will seamlessly
mingle right next to the homemade tamales,
I give you… 

Organic Mango Salsa, Lassen's, Organic+Mango+Salsa, Mango+Salsa

Mangoes have a tendency to be a bit of a pain to dice up correctly
so for a little help, here is a website that helps demonstrate the right way to do it.

Some more happy news,
For a limited time at Lassens organic mangoes at 2 for $3!!!

With a deal this caliente, come and get em’ while we got em’! 
Have a fun and festive Cinco de Mayo and a happy and healthy weekend!