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Chino+Valley+Ranchers+Eggs, Organic+Eggs, Healthy+Eggs, Cage+Free+Eggs,

Cage Free, and the Living is Easy!

Chino Valley Ranchers Organic Eggs

Chino+Valley+Ranchers+Eggs, Organic+Eggs, Healthy+Eggs, Cage+Free+Eggs,
Chris shows us his mad chicken-whisperer skills!


Chris Nichols went off and did his own thing for a few years, but his grandfather’s business drew him back. Now he leads the crew at Chino Valley Ranch, where Organic is in their DNA. Some of us at Lassen’s got to drive out to see Chris and his Egg operation, and it was a treat!

When we visited Chino Valley, we were able to see some of the flocks. We started by seeing a new flock of chicks, just about 11 days old.  They get about 31,000 at a time from certified growers, and at 5 days old.

Chino+Valley+Ranchers+Eggs, Organic+Eggs, Healthy+Eggs, Cage+Free+Eggs,
These chicks, in a flock of about 31,000, are about 12 days old!

The first building was full of the fluffy little bodies, and they were not quite used to people walking around them. They skittered away from us, some to go out the doors to the outside. But it was a hot day, and most preferred to stay in the shade.

Chino+Valley+Ranchers+Eggs, Organic+Eggs, Healthy+Eggs, Cage+Free+Eggs,
Free to wander… but still like the shade and company!

After World War II, Charles Burton came to California from Iowa, and he needed a job. He worked for a Dutchman delivering eggs and milk. He did such a good job that he ended up buying the route. He soon realized that he could make more money selling eggs, so he started a small backyard flock in Arcadia. Well, it depends on your definition of small, but that first flock had about 300 birds. Charles built up the business, doing everything by hand. His son was a machinist, but when Charles suddenly died at age 63, he ended up taking over the business.

Chino+Valley+Ranchers+Eggs, Organic+Eggs, Healthy+Eggs, Cage+Free+Eggs,
Peter holds a little fluff-ball chick!

In 1988, Nichols Ranch bought Chino Valley Ranches, and the “hippies” who ran it pushed him to establish a cage free and organic operation. After attending a Natural Foods Trade show in the early 1990s, they saw the direction that they wanted to go.  With encouragement from Alta Dena Dairy, they started to produced fertile eggs, too. 

Chino+Valley+Ranchers+Eggs, Organic+Eggs, Healthy+Eggs, Cage+Free+Eggs,
Here’s a look at the special, nutritionist-designed organic feed for the birds.

The Natural, Cage-free, and Organic eggs just “took off.”  Equipment was purchased, the Ranch was expanded, and Chino Hills Ranch became an organic powerhouse in the egg industry.  

Chino+Valley+Ranchers+Eggs, Organic+Eggs, Healthy+Eggs, Cage+Free+Eggs,
Yup, these are full of the organic ingredients for the special feed!

Now with the third generation of Nichols in the business, Chino Valley has their own Nutritionist, to make sure the feed is nutritionally balanced, as well as organic. Every batch of feed is sourced specifically for their Ranch, and milled in-house to have maximum control. Chino Valley Ranchers also tests every batch of feed to make sure it is 100% organic.  It takes 4 lbs of feed to produce 1 dozen eggs, so they want to make sure every bit of feed is the highest quality possible!

Chino+Valley+Ranchers+Eggs, Organic+Eggs, Healthy+Eggs, Cage+Free+Eggs,
This is a tasty blend! These are 6-week-old chicks
Chino+Valley+Ranchers+Eggs, Organic+Eggs, Healthy+Eggs, Cage+Free+Eggs,
At six weeks they aren’t as nervous around people

Next we saw 6-week old chicks, then some at 14 weeks. The older they got, the more used they were to people coming into the hen houses.  

Chino+Valley+Ranchers+Eggs, Organic+Eggs, Healthy+Eggs, Cage+Free+Eggs,
Old enough to lay eggs

We were able to see the older hens as they hopped onto the platforms and went into the laying enclosures to have a little privacy as they laid their eggs. Food, water, space, and training were all carefully managed so that the chickens were treated humanely and healthily.  

Chino+Valley+Ranchers+Eggs, Organic+Eggs, Healthy+Eggs, Cage+Free+Eggs,
She’s content!
Chino+Valley+Ranchers+Eggs, Organic+Eggs, Healthy+Eggs, Cage+Free+Eggs,
Hens like a little privacy when they’re laying eggs
Chino+Valley+Ranchers+Eggs, Organic+Eggs, Healthy+Eggs, Cage+Free+Eggs,
Once the eggs are laid, a conveyor belt takes them to the sorting area

After enjoying the chicks and hens, we drove to the packing plant, which is a marvel of modern machinery. Everything from cleaning and sorting to packing, inspecting, and labelling was handled smoothly and efficiently.

Chino+Valley+Ranchers+Eggs, Organic+Eggs, Healthy+Eggs, Cage+Free+Eggs,
This equipment not only washes the eggs, but aligns them all to have the pointier ends facing the same way

When we asked if there were about a million eggs in the plant, we thought we might be exaggerating, but David, our guide, told us that they had 22 million eggs in the inventory that day! Yes, twenty-two MILLION! They were all headed for distribution, and the eggs go from hen to store shelves in just a matter of days. 

Chino+Valley+Ranchers+Eggs, Organic+Eggs, Healthy+Eggs, Cage+Free+Eggs,
Twenty-two Million Eggs!

Lassen’s is proud to support a local and organic egg producer, particularly one who has been a leader in the organic movement.  Let’s support organic whenever we can!

Chino+Valley+Ranchers+Eggs, Organic+Eggs, Healthy+Eggs, Cage+Free+Eggs,
We love Chino Valley Ranchers!

Enjoy these delicious Chino Valley Ranchers Eggs — available every day at Lassen’s!, lassensloves, organic+blueberries, local+blueberries, organic+local,, blueberry+growers

These Berries Are Candy Without the Guilt!

Chas Blueberries, lassensloves, organic+blueberries, local+blueberries, organic+local,
Lassen’s has found a wonderful local blueberry grower right here in our back yard!

And last week I got to tour their farm on the Oxnard Plain!

Organic+Blueberries, locally+grown,

Born in Hawthorn to a farming family, Chas grew up down dirt roads and in the midst of acres of tomato plants. He  started farming in the San Gabriel Valley, and has been a berry grower in Ventura County since 1982.

lassensloves,, Lassen's, Lassens, Organic+Blueberries, locally+grown,

When he came to Ventura County, he grew conventional strawberries.  Ten years ago the strawberry market started turning mostly to the huge producers, so Chas and his son Rick transitioned into blueberries.  About three years ago, he decided that he wanted to go “instantly organic” by planting young blueberry bushes in organic peat moss. He has mastered the intricacies of growing organically — keeping down weeds and pests with mats and hand-weeding, as well as using vinegars and soaps. Everything from planting to harvesting and packing is done with great care, and strictly to Certified Organic standards.

lassensloves,, Lassen's, Lassens, Organic+Blueberries, locally+grown,

And they grow their berries in Hoop Houses so they can manage the elements, as well as keep the birds away. Those birds love the blueberries as much as we do! 

Organic+Blueberries, locally+grown, blueberry+growers, blueberry+farming

One thing that I found absolutely fascinating is the science of blueberry pollination. Blueberry blossoms are very small and long, and a regular honeybee’s body doesn’t catch and move the pollen very well. So Chas and Rick use a variety of bumblebee that has dense hairy bodies that pick up and distribute the pollen.  The Hoop Houses also keep the bumblebees contained. No swarming bees here!

Organic+Blueberries, locally+grown,

Chas and Rick grow two varieties of blueberries — Emerald is the early producer, and now we have Jewel. Both are incredibly sweet and just the right texture. I am looking forward to having Chas’s berries for the whole season next year, but in the meantime, I’m eating more than I thought possible. 

Organic+Blueberries, locally+grown,

We love our local farmers and producers!

Thanks, Chas and Rick for a great tour!

Organic+Blueberries, locally+grown,

Introducing Waterhill Naturals and Organics



The year was 1913. Jean Demakes had just emigrated from Greece to join her husband Thomas in the United States. And the foundation for a family business was inspired by four little words:

“I can do better.”

That’s what Jean said to her husband after he brought home the “best Greek sausage in Boston.” She knew she could do better, and when Thomas gladly accepted her challenge, a far better sausage is exactly what Jean made.

It was so good, in fact, they began selling it to nearby stores. And over time, their four sons helped them grow sales, expand their product line and give back to their community.

Four generations have passed and we still own and operate our family business in Lynn, Massachusetts. More importantly, doing better is still the foundation of everything we do.

It’s what inspires us to always take the time to do things right. To never cut corners for the sake of higher profits. And to build personal relationships with farmers so we know where our ingredients come from.

Food with such integrity isn’t the easy way, it’s the right way. The way we’ve been doing things for over 100 years.


Our commitment to giving back has been around since the very beginning. Thomas Demakes believed it was important to do more for those who have less – to share and give back, even if that meant giving away a Thanksgiving turkey to a family in need.

Yes, Thomas believed a dinner of vegetables, beans and no meat for his own family was a fair sacrifice. He was always one to lead by example and share his good fortune with others. And that tradition is still alive and well in how we do things today.

We will always embrace our responsibility to help others in our community, whether it means donating food to local pantries, charities and outreach programs or offering support to YMCAs, Girls Inc., boys’ and girls’ clubs and other organizations in our area.

After all, we have children. We know the importance of nurturing young minds and teaching the meaning of teamwork, developing friendships and imparting values that will last a lifetime.

At Waterhill Naturals & Organics, we’ve made the commitment to treating your customers to quality foods that fit their healthier lifestyles — so we’ve created the first truly premium quality line of all-natural and organic, antibiotic-free sliced deli meats . . . 

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  • Never any antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones
  • Carrageenan free 
  • Produced from animals that are fed a 100% vegetarian diet with no animalby-products
  • Nitrite and nitratefree
  • Alwaysgluten-free
  • Nopreservatives or artificial ingredients
  • No high-fructose cornsyrup
  • Our Organic line is 100% USDA certified — Sourced from Organic FamilyFarms

Just for You!


A lot of origin stories go back a few years or even a few decades. But when I visited Joni from Puremedy at her office and production facility in Westlake Village, I learned a totally different kind of story.

In 1865, Joni’s great grandfather, Joseph Piquette, was a toddler in Quebec, Canada. He suffered a third degree burn on the top of his foot, which, as you can imagine, became infected. There were very few options in those days, and when his entire foot began to turn black with gangrene, the local doctor couldn’t do much more than recommend that the leg be amputated. But Joseph’s father sought out the local Medicine Man, who went out into the woods. He came back some time later with an assortment of botanicals, with which he crafted a healing salve. The salve saved Joseph’s leg from amputation, and was so effective that there was no scar.

Of course the salve became incredibly important to Joseph’s family, and in 1904, he wrote several copies of this sacred recipe in French, which have been passed down to members of the family. Joni has one of those hand-written recipes framed and hung in her office, and she proudly showed it to me.

Over the more than 150 years since then, Joni’s family has carried on the tradition of making this salve for friends and family, which was dubbed “Pete’s Salve” after Joni’s grandfather (Joseph’s son). Joni said some of her earliest memories are of her family getting together and making batches of the salve. They called those get-togethers “salve-making parties,” where “Grandpa Pete” taught them exactly how to make the salve. He would also share many incredible stories of how the salve healed everything from diabetic sores, burns, infections, and much more. Joni even told me about how her mother’s infected appendix surgery wound was healed with the salve, despite the doctor’s dire prognosis.

Joni would like her salve to replace Neosporin in every household. They are currently taking The Original Healing Salve through the FDA to become a certified wound care device, which will allow them to play a major role in future wound care. This could be a game-changer in wound care where tens of thousands of dollars can easily be spent to treat wounds in a hospital or care center.

If you want to see the salve in action, watch this YouTube video of how it helped Dudley!

Click here to save or print a $1 OFF coupon.

healing+salve, wound+care, natural+healing+ointment, native+medicine

Here are a few key points about this powerhouse product: 

1) Antibacterial — This salve kills the full spectrum of bad bacteria, including MRSA, staph, strep, and candida. It simply traps the microorganisms in a no-air, no-moisture environment so the bacteria cannot survive. 

2) Cleans/Debrides (removes damaged tissue or foreign objects from) wounds, and establishes a healthy environment for the body to repair itself naturally — The pine extracts used in the formulations are extremely powerful and naturally pulls out debris and toxins without harming healthy tissue. It draws any foreign matter out of the skin.

3) Increases blood circulation — In a human study, the Original Healing Salve increased blood circulation and oxygen levels 20% in the first 30 minutes of application. This is crucial for wound healing because it allows the blood to carry all of the nutrients, enzymes, oxygen, and collagen to the area that was compromised. 

4) Doctor recommended —  Joni is working with a PA in Santa Barbara, CA who has used the Original Healing Salve on pressure ulcers and diabetic wounds. All patients were completely healed. Puremedy also has a fantastic product — Feminine Moisturizer — for vaginal dryness/discomfort. This is a phenomenal product for women suffering from menopausal symptoms because it does all of the above while nourishing damaged tissue and creating a healthy vaginal flora. There is a Pharmacist here in Southern California who has been recommending this product for about 7 years and stated that she has seen a 90% success rate with no side effects. Joni is also working with a team of OBGYNs in Virginia to gather more information on this product. 

5) Fast results — The Puremedy products work fast because this salve gives the body the necessary tools it needs to heal naturally. The beautiful blend of ingredients are powerful and pure. 

6) This is an all-natural, and arguably more effective, alternative to generic over-the-counter first aid ointments. 

7) This is an all-purpose product. Great for minor first aid needs, insect bites, burns, neuropathy, chronic wounds, and more. 

8) Puremedy has no petroleum, phthalates, parabens, chemicals, yeast, soy, gluten, artificial ingredients, colors, or fragrance.

9) Cruelty free

All Puremedy products are based off of the Original Healing Salve, meaning they all (with the exception of a few — Just Calendula, Hot Rash, etc.) the same ingredients as this salve as their base with other ingredients added to pump up the formulation for a specific skin condition. All of the products work, and Joni stands by them 100%. 

You can follow Puremedy for testimonials, news, and promotions!

IG: @Puremedy

Check out the research here!

puremedy, natural+healing+salve, local+products, wound+care, native+medicine

Make sure you have some Puremedy on hand at your house!

Thanks, Joni, for sharing your incredible story!



Nonie of Beverly Hills

Nonie products are Healthy Food for the Skin!  Our product line is easy to use – simply cleanse, tone, and select the Nonie moisturizer appropriate for your skin type.  All Nonie moisturizers contain AHAs – Alpha Hydroxy Acids from extracts of Bilberry, Sugar Cane, Maple Cane, Orange and Lemon Oils.  AHAs gently exfoliate the skin by loosening built-up dead skin, improve skin tone and texture, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increase cell renewal and help lighten age spots. Using our Cleanser, Tonic and Moisturizer, there’s no need for a separate make-up remover, eye cream or scrub.  The Nonie line does not contain any animal products and is never tested on animals, so it is excellent for vegans and vegetarians!

Amazing 20% Line Drive during May!

SKIN CLEANSER: A gentle cleansing lotion for all skin types which leaves the skin clean, soft and moist with closed pores. Is also an excellent eye and make-up remover. For best results, use without water!  Apply to dry face and neck using cotton pads.  Repeat until the cotton appears absolutely clean.  Follow with AHA! Skin Tonic & Moisturizer.  Continued use produces a more youthful appearing skin.  Will not burn eyes and safe to use for contact lens wearers.  Can also be used as a gentle shaving lotion.

SKIN TONIC: A dewy fluid that refreshes and tightens the pores, giving a smooth texture to the skin.  The main ingredient is Hamamelis water, which is a refined witch hazel. We only use grapefruit seed extract as the natural preservative. After cleansing the skin, apply to face and neck using cotton pads.  Is also an effective and soothing, non-stinging aftershave. Contains built-in natural bacterial protection to aid in preventing infections from nicks and cuts.  The light lemony scent is not a perfume but a combination of five different essential oils of citrus, so the scent will not linger.

BRILLIANT MOISTURIZER: This moisturizer is excellent for normal and combination skin . . . equally effective for the oily areas (i.e., T-Zone) as well as other areas. It contains 5% AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) in a moisturizing base of coconut oil, almond oil, and gluten-free wheat germ oil. Gentle enough to use around the delicate eye area.  Use day and night.  

PROTEIN MOISTURIZER: This moisturizer is wonderful for dry skin, mature skin, and vegans. It contains 5% AHA. This moisturizer also contains orchid oil, which acts as a buffer for the skin to absorb the AHA’s. Sometimes people with dry or mature skin are more sensitive, so the orchid oil helps soothe the skin. This cream is called Protein because of the protein from organic, non-GMO soy milk we use. It contains more gluten-free wheat germ oil, so it is richer but not heavier than the Brilliant Moisturizer.  Gentle enough to use around the delicate eye area.  Use day and night.  

NEW CONDITION: This moisturizer is great for those with oily or problem skin that is prone to breakouts. It has many essential oils beneficial to oily skin care such as tea tree, peppermint and eucalyptus. It contains 5% AHA. This cream can also be used around the eye area. Don’t let the tea tree oil scare you…. this also is a very gentle cream. The combination of the oil of seed of grapefruit and the essential oils help in clearing up breakouts and the AHA’s exfoliate the dead skin cells gently and microscopically without leaving any scars, which can happen if you use heavy scrubs on skin with breakouts.  Use day and night.  

BODY LOTION: You’ll find orchid oil in this fantastic body lotion. Easily absorbs into the skin imparting a wonderful sheen without being greasy. A little bit goes a long way. Has a light, lemony scent from the natural citrus oils that does not linger. Use after bathing or anytime your skin is feeling dry.  Excellent on feet, hands and the entire body!  Contains less than 2% AHA naturally forming from fruits so it is excellent for the entire family.  Can also be used on the face.

8 SPF MOISTURIZER: This is the same formula as our Brilliant Moisturizer, with the addition of orchid oil and micronized Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide. They are natural, physical sun blockers.

15 SPF MOISTURIZER:  This is the same as our Body Lotion with the addition of orchid oil and micronized Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide.  They are natural, physical sun blockers.

10% AHA: This moisturizer is same formula as the Brilliant Moisturizer, with the addition of orchid oil and 10% AHA instead of 5%. The 10% AHA! should be used by those who have already been using Alpha Hydroxy Acids or receiving professional facial treatments.

HIS! Shave Cream:  A non-foaming cream that provides a close, comfortable shave for men and women!  Contains built-in natural bacterial protection from Hamamelis water, Tea Tree,  and Grapefruit Seed Extract to aid in preventing infections from nicks and cuts.  Gives a smooth texture to the skin.  Refreshes and tightens the pores.  Will not burn or sting and can be used around the eyes.


B Corp is to business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee or USDA Organic certification is to milk.

B Corps are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

Today, there is a growing community of more than 1,600 Certified B Corps from 42 countries and over 120 industries working together toward 1 unifying goal: to redefine success in business.

The Honest Company

A dad named Christopher and a mom named Jessica found themselves utterly frustrated trying to find the perfect products for their babies and homes.

We both wanted an ideal: not only effective, but unquestionably safe, eco-friendly, beautiful, convenient, and affordable – everyone should have it. We believed every baby deserved the best we can create for them. We are dreamers.

But, more importantly, we are doers.

You know what they say, if you want it done right, you gotta do it yourself.

We tried to think of all the qualities we would want in a dream brand – savvy style, sustainability, and extraordinary service & convenience all wrapped in a passion for social goodness, tied with a bow of integrity and sprinkled with a little cheeky fun.

We knew it wouldn’t be easy juggling all these demands, but we’re parents, we’re used to multi-tasking.

So, our goal is to relieve you of a few tasks by delivering the best family essentials to your doorstep – to simplify your life and bring more delight to every day. Our dream is to re-define the “family brand” and create something – with you – that’s better for all families, everywhere.


“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”, this is the African proverb chosen by the three founders to express the Interdependence that links B Corps from all around the world.


Promoting a healthy lifestyle that could help enhance the concept of natural beauty while respecting the world we live in. 
Contributing through business to solve social and environmental issues and improve the quality of life of present day and future generations. Using business as a force for good, Antica’s company practices become concrete actions. 
Herbatint products are just like the brand, simple and timeless, symbols of its inheritance and its knowledge. Thanks to its strong expertise and know-how strengthened over time, Antica Erboristeria looks ahead to the future with passion and desire for continuous innovation.

Country Life

 On every bottle, you will see our Pledge of Integrity because at Country Life, Integrity is our number one ingredient. We do this because you deserve high-quality nutrition, specifically crafted with the high quality standards to support your health. To guarantee our products are consistently of the highest quality and efficacy, we ensure that we operate a NSF-GMP compliant and USDA Organic certified manufacturing facility, and that all of our products fulfill our Pledge of Integrity, acheiving the five core integrity standards.

Authenticity of ingredients.

We always use a pure form of each ingredient and all our ingredients are laboratory tested to ensure accurate identification so you can be assured we use real, authentic ingredients.

Cleanliness of ingredients.

Ensuring our ingredients are completely clean is a top concern. Our manufacturing facility was one of the first NSF registered GMP facilities in the industry and maintains strict quality control towards this end. We also ensure every one of our products are certified gluten-free.

Freshness of ingredients.

Because we manufacture our own products, our products go from tested raw material, to manufactured good, to bottled and packaged products immediately so you can be assured of product potency throughout its shelf life.

Consistency of the formula.

Our manufacturing plant is NSF-GMP certified to ensure the best, consistent product formulations, with quality inspection at each stage of manufacturing to ensure our products remain uniform from batch to batch so you know it works the same each dose, but as we use natural ingredients, color variations may exist from batch to batch.

Accuracy of labeling.

We always ensure that if an ingredient appears on our supplement facts label, it’s in our product in the exact ratios and potency that our label says. We also ensure that if a product contains any known allergens, the label says so. No surprises.

We ensure our products meet these standards, because we care about your health. We believe that, in every product we make for you, integrity should always be our number one ingredient. Treat yourself to great health with Country Life.

Peeled Snacks

Our Real Food Philosophy

We decided to take the mystery out of snacking and put the joy back into it! Peeled Snacks started with a line of organic dried fruit that still continues to offer a whole lot of flavor without any added sugar, sulfites, preservatives, or oils.

We’re committed to expanding the snacking aisle to create snacks that make a positive impact on you and the environment. That means each bag of Peeled Snacks is packed with wholesome ingredients you can feel good about eating. Peeled Snacks energize your mind and body, and support the way snacks should be made – with real food!

Making Healthy Snacks for 10 Years

In 2004, Noha Waibsnaider founded Peeled Snacks in her tiny New York City apartment when she noticed there was something missing from the snack aisle. Store shelves were full of processed potato chips, corn syrup-filled candy, and energy bars made with too many mysterious ingredients, leaving snackers to feel the “spike, crash and burn” effect. Without finding any options both healthy and enjoyable, Noha set out to fix that problem.

Her solution? Tasty and nourishing snacks made with pure, wholesome ingredients to satisfy your cravings at anytime or anywhere, while lifting your mood and leaving you feeling energized. Noha’s vision was and is still today to make healthy snacking as close to nature as possible. What began with three varieties of organic fruit snacks has now expanded to include crunchy veggie snacks and we’re not stopping!

What Is Organic?

Pick your snacks on the facts! The USDA organic seal means all our fruit and ingredients were grown with natural fertilizers, without chemicals or toxins. Peeled Snacks is proud to be part of the organic food revolution, which sets the bar for conscientious farming practices, encouraging clean food production, and supporting healthy communities.

Garden of Life

Making a Difference

With your help, we’re both making a difference.

Every time you, our valued customer, purchase certain Garden of Life products, you not only are supporting your health,† you are also supporting various charities specially chosen for their outstanding work.

At Garden of Life, our primary mission is to Empower Extraordinary Health by providing the highest-quality, USDA Organic, Certified Non-GMO, RAW, whole food nutritional products on the market. Of equal importance is that we do so while preserving the integrity of our planet through eco-friendly initiatives and helping those who are less fortunate by supporting various philanthropic organizations throughout the world. We are proud to partner with the following organizations and foundations who are devoted to improving people’s lives through their efforts.


NAVITAS Organics

Our commitment starts with our Superfood Promise: Using the most health-boosting plants in the world, we promise our superfoods are organic, nutrient-dense and handled with care at every step.

Made from the most potent part of the plants, they are carefully handled to bring you the purest and most effective benefits of these centuries-old heritage foods, in ways that make them easy to incorporate into your every day.

All of our superfoods are:

Certified Organic

Our surperfoods are 3rd-party certified organic. This ensures the integrity of our foods—and protects the environment and health of farmers.

Third-party Tested for Safety and Quality

Our facility and processing systems are certified organic, and are also certified under GMP and HACCP—important voluntary programs for ensuring food safety and quality.

Minimally Processed

All of our products use methods such as freeze-drying and low temperature processing to ensure maximum nutrition and flavor.

Sustainably Grown

Direct purchasing partnerships create and expand fair trade economic opportunities for farming communities in developing regions globally. What’s more, close relationships with suppliers help maintain our strict quality standards.



Organic Tulsi Teas and Herbal Supplements for conscious, healthy living.

Our Vision

To be a Vehicle of Consciousness in the global market by creating a holistic sustainable business modality, which inspires, promotes and supports True Wellness and respect for all Beings and for Mother Nature.

Our Mission

To be a trustworthy and innovative global leader in providing genuine organic products and solutions for conscious, healthy living.

Our Values
  • Service to all
  • Total integrity
  • Absolute commitment to quality
  • Respect and devotion to Mother Nature
  • No compromise on being who we are

Our Commitment

To deliver exceptional quality True Wellness organic Tulsi tea products and herbal supplements to our consumers. To introduce a unique and successful business modality that is committed to service, sanctity and integrity and therefore harms no one and benefits all. To support natural sustainable organic agriculture practices that serve, honor and protect Mother Nature. To support the livelihood and well-being of farmers and tribal wildcrafters in rural India.

ORGANIC INDIA™ means absolute commitment to quality. All our products are organic, pure and natural, because you want the best for your family and so do we.

The guiding principles of our company are health and happiness for all beings and great respect for the Divine Mystery of Mother Nature who selflessly sustains humanity and naturally provides us all with a bounty of nourishing foods and healing herbs.

True Wellness

True Wellness is the guiding principle of ORGANIC INDIA. We embrace the fundamental truth that everything, and all of us are interconnected. We understand that in order for True Wellness to be, it must include All: All beings; the whole earth; the visible and the invisible. True Wellness is our guiding light, so that we can be loving, respectful and compassionate towards all beings, while caring for, and serving Mother Nature.

True Wellness is a sustainable, holistic vision, an open invitation for All to celebrate the divine gift of Life.


Get our Take on Teff!

Get our Take on Teff!

Written by Denae

Teff, have you heard of it? The new super-food from Africa is getting its name out there, and maybe it’s time you take a look at what it can do for you!

Native to the African country Ethiopia, Teff is a seed derived from a grass-like plant. Although its production is limited, it is now grown in Australia and even Idaho, too, making a more accessible product. As Teff has been demanding more of the spotlight, Quinoa has been pushed aside, even though there are a lot of similarities between these two ancient foods.

This super tiny seed packs a powerful punch when it comes to nutrition. Although often prepared as a grain, Teff is usually called a seed that is high in protein and a solid source for Vegan, Vegetarian, and well.. anyone’s protein.  Just a single cup serving has almost 10 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber, 20% of your daily iron needs, and even Vitamin C! Since Teff has a relatively low glycemic index, it also serves as a decent manager for blood sugars. 

Because Teff is so high in iron and protein, it’s sometimes referred to as a runner’s food. Olympic gold medalist Haile Gebrselassie has even been noted for saying that Teff is the secret behind Ethiopian runners success. 

Aside from high nutritional value, Teff also fits the bill for gluten-free — and depending on who you talk to — grain-free diets, too! Teff is really versatile and can be eaten whole, steamed, baked, or boiled. It can substitute rice and quinoa, be added to breads and snack bars, sprinkled over yogurt, used to thicken soups, or any other way you want to add dimension to your favorite recipes. It’s nutty flavor is recognized as one that lends itself to both savory and sweet dishes, making for a rather adaptable ingredient. 

Now that you’ve decided you need to try it, where can you find it? Why, Lassens, of course!! We sell Bob’s Red Mill Whole Teff and their Teff Flour too!

Stop in your local Lassens today and pick up a bag of Teff to try out. Let us know what you think! Is it worth all the hype to you?



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Tints of Nature

Tints of Nature is the simple, healthier way to color your hair for stunning salon-standard results.

20% OFF all Tints of Nature products throughout April. Only at Lassens.

We take a unique approach, different from all other hair color products, which damage your hair. Our unique range of Natural permanent hair colors, semi-permanent hair colors, highlight and lightening kits and aftercare products are 100% FREE from Ammonia, Resorcinol and Parabens so you won’t breathe in nasty chemical fumes. We use a maximum of Organic ingredients too, so it’s good for you and the environment.

Colour Guide


Permanent hair colour


Tints of Nature is the first range of long lasting, permanent hair colours containing certified organic ingredients used in an advanced formula to cover grey hair. Our unique blend of natural and organic ingredients, combined with plant-derived extracts and vitamins C and E, will actually enhance, protect and moisturise as you colour your hair.

Visit any Lassens location to try Tints of Nature while at 20% off during the month of April!

Open Faced Sandwich Central!

Open Faced Sandwich Central!

Written by Denae

We know, open faced sandwiches are all the rage these days! As you scroll through your social media there’s a myriad of pictures with every imaginable ingredient beautifully set-up on a piece of bread or toast. Well, when you get to look at the vibrant organic ingredients as you take a bite, why would you want to cover that up? Plus, no complaints about the shortage of carbs and calories by omitting that second bread slice.

Below are some amazing ideas for fancy shmancy sandwiches with ingredients you can find at Lassens!

Blueberries are delicious enough to throw in just about any savory or sweet meal you can think of. So slap on some Laura Chenel’s Chevre – and arrange those bite-size blueberries to make sure every mouthful has the perfect balance! 

If you’re looking for more of a savory fix with your sandwich, an artisan Olli Salumeria salami will pair perfectly with the crispness of a cucumber slice. You can butter the bread with your favorite herbed butter to add some extra pizzazz!

Smoked Salmon and Ricotta are paired together pretty often, probably because it’s SO delicious! I love adding that little branch of dill to tie it all together. If you’re a caper fan, capers are a wonderful topping to smoked salmon too! Try out Echo Falls Smoked Salmon if you’re looking for the tastiest bite!

Ricotta AGAIN?! Well, it’s addicting people! The pop of juicy tomatoes goes perfect with a creamy ricotta, and let’s not forget the cruuuunch of toasted bread to really tie it all together. This may be the most perfect little thing ever!

This is a more different combo. The bread is soft, and the toppings are all smooth. All the flavors are soft and nothing is too overpowering. This is another ricotta, but you can probably throw on any creamy cheese you feel like. Maybe even switch it up to a sharp cheddar or gouda for more of a bite. 

Whether or not you’re new to the open face sandwich game, these are some good bites! Remember, always play with flavors and textures to get the ultimate sandwich.

What’s your favorite sandwich combo? Share with us in the comments or tag us on social media with your tasty sandwiches!


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National Nutrition Month®!

Celebrate March: National Nutrition Month®!

Written by Denae and Mykey

It’s likely that we all have roughly the same thing in mind when we consider what we see as “the ideal healthy lifestyle” — Able to wake up in the morning refreshed, fully energized to hit the gym BEFORE work, every meal having the perfect balance of vegetables, grains, proteins, and fruits, and always satisfied with what the scale reads. I believe the root of a lot of problems — especially with things like fatigue, fluctuating weight, and digestive issues — leads back to poor nutrition. 

If you remember, like I do, there was a time when the very foundation of the food pyramid was bread, pasta, & grains. My school cafeteria door had a poster similar to this picture reminding all of us how to eat. So as we loaded up our school lunch plate with cheese pizza, a cookie, and chopped iceberg lettuce, we thought we were good to go! 

Now-a-days there is a slightly different way of eating, just like there will probably be a different way in 20 years from now. Let’s not focus on that just yet; check back in in 2037!

Here is a more modern version of the pyramid we see today. With fitness at the heart and fruits & veggies following shortly behind, it’s a strong foundation for a strong body! 

This model is much better, but in no way is it perfect. The truth is that everybody and every body is different. This is unavoidably apparent today with so many special dietary needs and restrictions: gluten free, dairy free, soy free, animal free, sugar free, etc. That’s not even figuring into account preference and taste. It can be a real challenge to do what’s best for you and your family, especially since a lot of commercial products are still loaded with preservatives, artificial additives, and hidden ingredients.

If I could I would go back in time and slap that “strawberry” frosted  Pop-Tart out of my 2nd grade hand and give myself a slice of apple dipped in peanut butter…. Time travel is still just a wonderful dream, right?

   The good news is that we’re getting better. There seems to be a recent awareness of the importance of health and nutrition. This is causing many to take their health and the health of their loved ones into their own hands.  They are working to create households, neighborhoods and communities of caring, encouraging folks who are determined to control the length and quality of their lives through good nutrition. 

Maybe you’re wondering how you can improve your diet, one bite at a time, when there are so many different options out there. Start with these tips as you embark on your better nutrition journey.

1. Incorporate at least one vegetable into every meal, or at least try!

By including one or more vegetables per meal, you’re consuming vitamins and nutrients with every single meal, including dessert. Those vegetables don’t always have to be your basic steamed veggies or a salad, although those are some mighty fine options! Alternative options can be: 

Replace pasta & noodles with squash: spaghetti squash conveniently and seamlessly replaces spaghetti’s higher calories and excess carbohydrates. Spiralized zucchini can also be a low-carb alternative to spaghetti noodles.  Sliced zucchini or eggplant are excellent in place of lasagna noodles.

Breakfast scrambles: fast, easy & filled with vegetables. On a healthy day, my breakfast looks more like a salad than an egg dish. There are so many options here it makes it hard to know where to start sometimes. Not only can you find a breakfast scramble recipe here, but you can just make your own with last night’s leftover veggies!

Veggies for dessert? Try organic kale braised in vegetable broth and topped with brown sugar, cranberries and pecans as a sweet and ultra satisfying way to enjoy a vegetable for dessert. Does that sound a little too much like worlds colliding? Try our recipe for Maple Sweet Potato Bites and see if that doesn’t sooth your gnashing sweet tooth. You can always opt for the classic Zucchini Bread too!

2. Start the day with an apple and a TALL glass of water  

The list of apples’ wonderful properties goes on and on, including high fiber, low-calorie nutrition detail and heart-health benefits.
Here is a neat little comprehensive list of 6 Serious Heath Benefits of Apples. And here is another list All About Apples; how to use them and their taste profile. One Apple counts as 1 serving of fruit and makes me feel less hungry when paired with that glass of water, helping me make a better breakfast decision. 

Finally…. (let the dramatic music crescendo…)

3. When it comes to dessert, I give myself one sugar-fest per week!
This is my favorite rule.
I tell myself each week, “Okay self, you get immunity for a sweet treat one time this week.” 

Because I know I only have one shot, it makes me evaluate if I really want that donut someone brought in to work, or if a handful of blueberries will suffice until the next occasion arises. I always want to wait for the weekend because that’s when all the fun stuff happens, but if I make it through the week without picking something I pat myself on the back for a whole week without sweets. This doesn’t work like roll-over minutes where you can save up a whole bunch and blow it on a week long dessert disaster, though! This rule is to help your body lower its cravings for sweets, or be satiated with the natural sugars from your daily fruits.   

The reason this works so well is that it gives semi-strict guidelines, but it also gives room to make a choice to eat sort of junky. 
It’s not about making yourself  feel bad for eating a piece of  cake. The worst thing people can do is get down on themselves for eating something that they probably shouldn’t. Hey, We’re human! And thanks to the culinary captains (as I like to call them) of the health food world, there are many options at Lassen’s to choose from so we don’t have to fall so hard when we take a dip in the dessert pool.

The best part of this rule is that when you’re face-to-face with the chocolate gooeyness that you’ve been holding out for all week, there’s no guilt if you do decide you want it.So you can really enjoy it without the words, “I shouldn’t be eating this” chanting in your head.

This is how I attempt to get my plate into shape for National Nutrition Month®, but what’s your secret?
We want to know what you’ve done to reach optimum nutrition for you and your loved ones.
Post on our wall on Facebook or Instagram and tell us what your rules are! 

We hope today finds you in excellent health and happiness!


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Vegan Eats for You!

Some Help for your Vegan Diet!

Written by Denae

Thinking of switching over to a vegan diet? Or maybe you’re already there but looking to change things up, substitute ingredients, or learn more. As you know, when removing entire food groups, you need to find ways to replace those healthy nutrients so you can still keep your body fortified and ready to take on the world!

Calcium can be found in more than just milk! But if you’ve read past the first paragraph, I assume you already knew that. Calcium plays a huge role in bone health – another thing I imagine you already knew. Not only is it important to make sure enough Calcium is being consumed, it’s also vital that enough is being absorbed in to the body. Since greens are a large base for a Vegan diet, there is a multitude of Vitamin D present. Vitamin D helps the body absorb more Calcium! Keep up those greens and make sure to throw in some of these items below and you’re on the path to strong bones!

Protein is sometimes referred to as a building block in our bodies. One of the main questions about Veganism is, “How can a Vegan survive without the protein from meat?” It’s simply because, Protein isn’t only found in meat. Lentils, beans, grains, and soy products are great options for a Vegan diet. Here are some alternatives to Protein that’ll help you feel energized and still receive the essential nutrients you need!

Note: Be careful when consuming soy-based products. Some bodies react poorly to large amounts of soy, so reading labels will help you to keep track of your soy intake. 

Iron is essential because it helps transport oxygen throughout the body. Iron also helps to maintain healthy cells for your hair, skin, and nails too. Without enough Iron, the body is fatigued. Not only can you take supplements to aid in a healthy level of iron, but the following foods are rich in Iron and may help support Iron levels.

If you’re stumped on recipes for a Vegan diet, check out the links below. From entrees, to desserts we have an array of recipes for you!

You can even submit your vegan recipes in the comments! We’d love to try them out!
Apple Snacks
Cashew Carob Cookie Balls
Citrus Sauce & Spaghetti Squash
Fruit Tart
Meyer Lemon Cheesecake Tarts
Spicy Quinoa
Strawberry Cheesecake
Thai Coconut Soup
Ukrainian Cabbage Rolls
Zucchini Salad
Zucchini Lasagna


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Superfood Spirulina!

Superfood Spirulina!

Written by Denae


 So, what does spirulina have to offer you? This microalgae is more than just your average “pond scum”; it’s a superfood rich in vitamins, nutrients, amino acids, and protein. It also has some pretty great nicknames, “Mother Nature’s Multivitamin”, “The Hulk of Superfoods”, and “Bread of the Sea” to name a few. With all those properties, the potential health benefits have a wide range, including:
-Detox Heavy Metals
-Lower Blood Pressure
-Reduce Cholesterol
-Boost Energy
-Alleviate Sinus Issues
-Great Source of Protein
-Reduce Inflammation
-Ease PMS Symptoms

To gain the maximum benefits from spirulina, it’s important to buy from a trusted company that produces pure product. Introducing….


Pure Planet takes their name seriously! They created their company in an effort to change lives by making plant-based nutritional products available to everyone. Pure Planets supplements are developed to have no preservatives, no fillers, and no GMOs; making them 100% whole and PURE. 

Having over 20 years under their belt, Pure Planet can comfortably say they are dedicated to promoting a rich, healthy life. With the importance of standing up to their name, they have a close relationship with the farmers that produce their food, and have taken it upon themselves to be their own manufacturer. Educating themselves on the highest quality ingredients and practicing pure standards, their facility is Certified Organic and Kosher. 

Not only is Pure Planet concerned about what we put in our bodies, they’re also concerned about what we leave behind on this earth. They have proudly stated, “Pure Planet is committed to the preservation of the earth, to the plants and to the history of those plants.” 

Don’t be worried that this amazing company only provides spirulina! View the slides below to explore just a tad more about the nutrient packed supplements from Pure Planet! If you’re looking for savings, we have some coupons for you too!

Click Here for Pure Planet Coupons!

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